A couple of months ago, Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica looked like this (above).  Nice clean empty space (no equipment).  During August we moved in most of the equipment and are finishing off the final touches and it is a chaotic construction site!

The Atmospheric Cell Trainer protected by plastic as we refinish the floors and new ramps.

Final hardware going on the changing room doors and hanging the clothes hooks, mirrors and benches.

Reception counter getting its final buffing and the product wall final paint!

And we got some new awesome art!  Also a collection of Oura Rings.

New one sheets on all our machines are in production too!

The most exciting news is that on Monday, August 28, all our new Biohacker Technicians and Front Desk Associates started.  So the team is in the house!  Over the next couple of weeks, we will be training on all the equipment and be developing more detailed protocols for our members.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE August 30:  Bulletproof Labs received the final City of Santa Monica Occupancy permit which allows us to open to the public!