As you already know, Bulletproof Labs is all about the data.  More specifically we are digging into the SYSTEMIC data and looking for correlations between activity, hacks, and biomarkers.  Through this research, we will gather, for the first time in history, substantial population data on Biohacking.  Specifically, which hacks (and how the hacks are STACKED) effect which biomarkers and deliver the highest performance improvements across various activities.  We are developing a software platform which will integrate your favorite consumer technologies (Apple Health, Fitbit, Oura, etc.) with our advanced technology hacking platforms (Cold HIT, Bone Trainer, Atmospheric Cell Trainer, etc.) and our advanced measurement technologies (Body Mass measurement, Ketosis meter, Blood biomarkers, etc.).  This integrated technology platform will allow you to track your performance changes over time as it relates to the Hacks you are using.

To fill in the gaps in reporting and start to seed our database while the automation is being developed, we have developed some self-reporting forms for you to use.  Please try them out and let us know what you think!

To record a physical activity you did recently and the data about that activity, use the Timed Physical Performance Tracker.

To record a Hack you did at Labs, use the Bulletproof Labs Hack Tracker.

As always, please comment.