Here at Bulletproof Labs we offer many different technologies to measure your progress along your personal Bulletproof journey across a variety of metrics.  Our friends over at the Bulletproof Training Institute,  have taken a stab at measuring emotional and life balance “Bulletproof” vectors including Happiness, Resilience, Vitality, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Flourishing, through a series of self-reported assessments which have been clinically or academically tested and validated.   Bulletproof Labs has implemented “upgraded” digital versions of each of these assessments as part of developing our suite of measurement technologies.  Please help us test drive these assessments and give us your feedback!  Taking all six will take you less than half an hour. The assessments are here:

BP Labs Happiness Assessment

BP Labs Brief Resilience Scale

BP Labs Subjective Vitality Scale

BP Labs Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale

BP Labs Emotional Intelligence Questionaire

BP Labs Flourishing Scale

Each assessment has a results page and a follow-up email pointing to the underlying research and some advice on what to do if you want to change your score.  You will also see how your score stacks up against the population studies.  While everyone has their own personal goals for their Bulletproof journey, most members at Labs are working toward getting into the top 25% of the population on the vectors that are important to them.

These assessments and the technology platform they are implemented in are still a work in progress, so please let us know your feedback!